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MedSci Missions Intro and Sneak Peek

 Created by by Wendy Gamble

MedSci Missions is a futuristic medical drama in space, driven by real and varied characters, thought provoking problems, space action, and martial arts mystique. Leading edge medical science and technologies of today are notched up for innovative tools, weapons, and gadgets. As the search for cures progresses, the moral dilemmas of genetic engineering and cybernetics interfere as different ideologies battle it out.

Main Characters:


Atland, David, Dr.  Surgical Prodigy working in the medical ship Chiron’s hospital.  Was a bored Vet who went on to study human medicine then Exobiology before heading off on a medical mission vital to Earth.  Works under his med student mentor Dr. Maria Lopez, who he finds daunting.

D’Amour, Scott: Genius Microbiologist, sniper in the reserves, and lady's man. A key player in Chiron medical research projects.  Hoping to cure his brother, an on-board volunteer guinea pig patient and mentor.

O'Bien, Karen: The boss on Chiron, serves as ambassador to Earth as well as the on-board Director of Research and Hospital Administrator.  A clever lady gifted at charming and managing people. Anyone trying to cross her soon finds who’s in charge.  Her professional clothes and demeanor almost hide her secret passions.

Røed, Markus, (Red): Chief Engineer Chiron. A genius with multiple degrees who invented the Quantum Displacement Drive deep space engine.  He doesn’t always manage to hide an ego that matches his brilliance.  Despite his arrogance, he has a vulnerable side, especially when it comes to the love of his life he’s determined to cure, even though she’s in stasis, virtually dead.

Takahashi, Woon:  Chief of Security Six force on Chiron. Hot-shot pilot, Karate Sensei who embraces the peaceful philosophy instilled in him by his father. Wishes to make up for a dark mistake in the past so much he’s a little too willing to put his life on the line.

Walsh, Richard:  As Captain of the civilian medical ship Chiron, he’s responsible for safely ferrying mission specialists on their quest to find medical answers for Earth.  A top notch pilot and dedicated Astronomer.  Is sometimes still effected by the death of a loved one at the hands of aliens years before.  Used to being in charge as a former Astronomy vessel Captain and military man, he gets annoyed when he doesn’t agree with his boss, government appointed Ambassador O’Bien.  Remains a military reservist with the rank of Colonel, so if O’Bien calls a military emergency, he’s in charge of it.

Novel Sneak Peek:

Part I: Evolution of Chiron


Chapter One

*   *   *   2050   *   *   *


The brain pulsated.  His brain, Marcus Roed knew, though he felt a strange disconnect as he watched it throb and swell on a screen in front of him.  A strange tingling sensation infiltrated the matter of his mind, blurring the image.  Electrochemical impulses fired at a shocking rate as Roed left the laboratory to go back to the Earth Coalition Space Centre he’d toured that morning.  The power production panels he longed to enhance were so close, yet beyond his reach.  He stared at the wiring, studied every piece of equipment, until sweat soaked his overly long sandy bangs.  Suddenly the room went black as a shining schematic filled his field of view.  A strange dizzying sensation permeated him, pushing him away and bringing forth a ghostly vision of a brainwave generator.  The misty machine solidified, his concrete creation that could cause the realisation of dreams.  Shaking his head, he managed something audible.  A hand reached out and switched off his prize-winning invention, his ticket to this elite Earth Coalition University.  He felt focused like never before, but as if someone else were giving him the instructions.  With the engineering diagram imprinted on his brain, he swung his feet to the ground.  “Sophie, I’ve got an idea.  Let’s go.”    

In the darkened evening light of the space centre, Roed waved at security and let a machine scan his student ID.   “Left my hat this morning in the tour.  It’s in the TREIT chamber.”  The guard, who had just sat down to a hot plate of food, nodded and pushed a button.  With Sophie following as if in a trance, Roed entered the now unlocked experimental power production lab to literally make his dream come true.  Working on engineering systems for use in space was much more exciting than the project that had brought him to the E.C.U.  Roed unpocketted the nano-mechanically active superconductor he’d just made, then connected it to the main battery in the random energy input transformer, or TREIT circuit.  Setting a timer on his Pocod, he took regular readings, which Sophie recorded and graphed.  It looked like it was increasing the energy throughput impressively.

Down the hall in an astronomy lab, Masters student Richard Walsh innocently switched on his power-hungry vacuum chamber.  Carefully, he injected space rubble samples and fine particles akin to galactic dust into the small cubic version of the vast vacuum beyond.   Not noticing his stomach growl, he watched his mini-universe swirl and react.  It was going perfectly until a strange whine wailed from the engine running it all.  Walsh was about to shut it off when it blew.  Grit flew into his eyes, making them run and blur as he searched for something to block the acrid smelling smoke.  Fans and a chemical shower kicked in as his experiment went haywire.  He cursed and started checking drawers for a new power conduction unit.  Shouts of alarm from down the hall brought his search to an abrupt halt.  Running into the hall he could hear another, larger, whining noise.

“What in the universe?” he called out-loud.

He burst into the TREIT power collection and distribution room.  Roed and Sophie were standing staring at a panel looking desperate.  Seeing the emergency lights flashing, Walsh pushed through them.

“Get out of the way!” Walsh shouted.  He rapidly threw switches.  The whining slowed and died, and Walsh took a deep breath.

“What are you doing here?”

Roed had the grace to look sheepish.  “I had an idea...”

"It was a good idea!" Sophie added. "A nano-mechanically active superconductor that gives much more throughput than the current wiring.  I double checked the calculations; it should have been totally safe.”

“This is unbelievable,” Wash said to Sophie.  “You’re one of the best students in one of the second year labs I T.A. if I recall correctly. What were you thinking just coming here and doing this?  How did you get past security?”

“I got us in,” Roed said.  “They knew I won the summer Visions Project scholarship.”

Walsh scowled.  “Marcus Roed the school paper made a big deal of?”

“Yep, that’s me,” he said, sounding a little too pleased with himself for the circumstances.

“Well, that nixes my plans to get you thrown out of the school by admin.  So what exactly did you do here?”

Roed pointed.  “This short line here is a prototype we plugged into the TREIT. We connected it to the battery, and all was going well. Then someone else must have used a whole lot of energy all of a sudden. There was a surge in the primary wiring, which resulted in a feedback loop from the NAS - it blew our circuits!"

Walsh glared.  “Almost blew up the building, you mean! That was me drawing the power, but I was logged in!  You weren’t!”  He started messaging on his Pocod.

Roed looked like he'd had an epiphany.  “I guess the NAS doesn’t play too well with the regular wiring,” he said defensively.  “If too much power is drawn through them it creates an electric pressure differential within the TREIT.  Why were you drawing so much power suddenly at this time of night?

Walsh was incredulous.  “This time of night?  I happen to have a master’s theses to finish up.  It’s you who look like you should be in bed.”  His Pocod beeped and he checked it, then motioned to the young students sternly.  “We’re going to go have a chat with your supervisor first, though.”

Roed and Sophie looked at each other, faces aghast and feet frozen in place.

“Now!” Walsh said.  The feet found how to move, but dragged along until Walsh grabbed Roed’s collar and propelled him in front of him.

Outside, Walsh steered them into the parking lot.  “We’ll take my hover, professor Chin is waiting.” Resigned, the two passengers climbed in. Ever the responsible pilot, Walsh made sure they were properly buckled in before lifting off and swooping smoothly away.

Roed couldn’t help but be fascinated by the view of the international City below.  It was a hub of activity surrounded by deceptively barren tundra in the chilly Canadian North.  The Earth Coalition Government had chosen to carve out the ECG Complex in the middle of this rich natural habitat.  Circled by a variety of wind-blown grasses and wildflowers, was the world’s throbbing control centre.  Startling architecture flowed from one building to another, each complimenting the others, yet possessing a unique identity to mark its purpose.  The ECG legislative spires caught the northern lights and reflected them onto a pool that turned skating rink seasonally.  Spiralling out was a University, a training hospital, parking lots, runways, residences, and malls.  Growing smaller behind them was what appeared to be the moon dropped to earth.  Roed watched it longingly until a sign identifying the large crater-pocked dome as the Earth Coalition Space Centre disappeared.

When the three walked into the lab that housed Roed’s project, the teen was relieved his boss didn’t look nearly as upset as he’d expected.  The professor was busy looking over Roed’s data and equipment.

Walsh stepped forward and spoke.  “Dr. Chin, I wanted to talk to you before reporting anything to campus security or admin.”  He told him in detail how Roed’s unauthorised experiment has almost blown up the space centre.  “We’ll have to tell the authorities something; there’s a lot of damaged equipment, but I thought I’d do you the courtesy of letting you do it.  I don’t know Roed, but I’m really surprised that Sophie would be involved with something like this.”  He stared hard at her, but she wouldn’t look at him.

“I’m glad you came to me,” Chin said.  Yes, Sophie has done a great job of mentoring Roed.  From the moment they met they’ve been like electromagnets, turned on and snapped together whenever they’re in close enough proximity.”

“That doesn’t excuse –”

“No,” Chin interrupted, “but what I’ve found here does.  I’m pleased the REMan is working so well, but it needs adjusting.  In order to work, the machine uses sophisticated brainwave interference patterns to coax the brain of the user into producing a detailed and memorable dream during his or her REM cycle.  However, currently the interference also reduced inhibitions and produced a trance-like, suggestive state similar to hypnosis.  It was as if the students were quite drunk, and being told to do what their imaginations had been helped to dream up.  They seem to have recovered, by the looks on their faces.”

Walsh turned to Roed and Sophie.  “Ok, hot shots, I assume you’ll introduce stringent testing protocols?”  They nodded.  “If you work on this TREIT energy system as an extra project, I’ll say this never happened – but it better never happen again.”
World created by Wendy Gamble, B.J. Hansen and others.
Pin-up by Aric Hutfles http://aricosaur.deviantart.com/



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